Calcined Dolomite

Calcined Dolomite or Flux Dolomite is the name given to the quicklime formed from calcining a natural dolomitic limestone that contains nearly an equal molar weight percentage of calcium oxide to magnesium oxide.

We offer high quality, natural & pure calcined dolomite. We are reckoned as one of the biggest fully calcined dolomite exporters from India. Burnt/calcied dolomite manufactured by us is derived by applying proper heat process to calcium quicklime. We offer half-calcined dolomite as well as fully calcined form of dolomite. Rich in essential natural minerals, these calcined dolomites are available at pocket friendly prices.

Contant Percentage
MgO 50-58%
CaO 30-37%
SiO 2-2.50%
R2O3 5-8%

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